Optimize your
backup solution
with Archon Cloud Gateway

  • Achieve data scalability and efficiency
  • Avoid costly business interruptions
  • Reduce cost and complexity
  • Enjoy hassle-free solution with a simple interface
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Raise your backup to a new level

Achieve data scalability and efficiency

Keep pace with the exponential growth of your data while reducing the complexity of your IT infrastructure. Our low-cost, massively scalable cloud storage solution will reduce your capital expenditure and improve your IT staff's agility.

Avoid costly business interruptions

Rest assured that your data safe with world-class data durability and data resilience. Take advantage of our data security features, such as geo-redundancy and encryption-at-rest, to meet your project requirements.

Reduce cost and complexity

Increase the agility and productivity of your IT staff. Spend less time managing and maintaining your storage systems, and more time developing your competitive edge, all while reducing the total cost of ownership of your backup solution.

Enjoy a hassle-free solution with a simple interface

Simplify your backup with a fully managed cloud solution that can scale with your data and has a pay-as-you-go model. Our solutions are hassle-free and easy to get started. We adopt the industry standard S3-compliant interface, which is known for its simplicity.

Why choose Archon Cloud Gateway for your backups?

Superior performance
at a fraction of the cost.

Our Standard Cool Storage has faster throughput and stronger data security than our competitors, at 1/5 the cost.


Upload and retrieve your data at superior speeds. We have faster read/write throughputs than Amazon S3 for objects that average 10 MiB or smaller.

Archon Cloud Gateway is fast

Rest assured your data is safe and always available. Our 16 9's durability metric are some of the highest in the world, and your data will be stored geo-redundantly.


Save 80% of your cloud storage costs compared to other vendors, and don't worry about your bills everytime you download your data with our low egress fees.

Backup Application Integrations

Need an existing backup application? The following tools has been verified to work with Archon Cloud Gateway cloud storage:

A new generation cross-platform cloud backup tool

Arq Backup
Arq backs up your files. You control your data.

Rsyc for cloud storage

Backups done right!

(formerly Cloudberry)
#1 MSP backup

Encrypted bandwidth-efficient backup using the rsync algorithm


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