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Archon Cloud Gateway Products

All products include the Basic Support plan for free.

(Standard Cool Storage)

General purpose storage
for any cool or cold data.
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Ideal for:
Content distribution

Archon Cloud Gateway is fast
(One Zone Cool Storage)

Lower-cost option for
re-creatable cool or cold data.
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Ideal for:
Secondary storage
Secondary backups
Personal backups

Cool-MC (beta)
(Multicloud Cool Storage)

Effortlessly store your data
across multiple cloud vendors.
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Ideal for:
Multicloud projects

Product Feature Comparison

Cool-ST Cool-OZ Cool-MC (beta)
Pricing Storage price (per GiB/mo) $0.008 $0.004 $0.009
Retrieval price (per GiB) $0.005 $0.005 $0.030
Egress price (per GiB) $0.01 $0.01 $0.01
API charges none none none
Eligible for free tier1
Availability & Data Durability Availability 99.99% 99.9% 99.95%
Durability 99.99999999999999%
(16 9's)
(11 9's)
(11 9's)
Facility redundancy 2 0 4
Vendor redundancy
Performance Read latency milliseconds milliseconds milliseconds
Read speed high throughput2 high throughput2 high throughput2
Write speed high throughput2 high throughput2 high throughput2
Privacy & Data Access Encryption in transit
Server-side encryption offered
Access control policies
Sub-account management
Billing Minimums Min object size 1 KiB none 16 KiB
Min storage duration 14 days 7 days 90 days
Min storage amount none none none

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1 The free tier is active only for 12 months after account creation. While the free tier is active, every month, storage costs are waived if the total storage usage across all eligible free tier products is under 5 GiB. Similarly, every month, retrieval costs (and egress costs) are waived if the total retrieval amount (and egress amount) across all eligible free tier products is under 5 GiB.

2 Realized throughput will depend on several factors including server load, object size, and the network speed of the client.


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