Archon Cloud Gateway cloud storage:
High performance. Low costs.
Always on.

Your business relies on data. We simplify and scale your storage with our secure and high performance cloud object storage.

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What do we do?

Cloud storage
for the era of massive data.

Your data is scaling faster than expected. Your costs are too. We can help.
Archon Cloud Gateway brings the simplicity and scale of cloud storage at 1/5 the cost of hot cloud storage. Only pay for what you use, reducing your overall TCO. We are built for data security, and have industry leading durability metrics and geo-redundany while retaining top performance.

Featured solutions:

Media Asset Management
Content Distribution
LTO Replacement

Why do I care?

Avoid overpaying
for your massive data.

Choose the right cloud product, and your storage costs can be reduced by 80%. Find out how below.

How different clouds charge your storage

Archon Cloud Gateway Cost Comparison Graph

Set your storage and download amount to update the graph and calculate your savings using Archon Cloud Gateway Cool-ST (Standard Cool Storage) over other cloud solutions.

Storage Amount
1 TiB
1 PiB
Percentage Downloaded Per Month

Archon Cloud Gateway Cool-ST saves you...
over Amazon S3
over Microsoft Azure GRS

Why choose Archon Cloud Gateway?

Superior performance
at a fraction of the cost.

Our Standard Cool Storage has faster throughput and stronger data security than our hot cloud storage competitors, at 1/5 the cost.


Upload and retrieve your data at superior speeds. We have faster read/write throughputs than Amazon S3 for objects that average 10 MiB or smaller.

Archon Cloud Gateway is fast

Rest assured your data is safe and always available. Our 16 9's durability metric are some of the highest in the world, and your data will be stored geo-redundantly.


Save 80% of your cloud storage costs compared to other vendors, and don't worry about your bills everytime you download your data with our low retrieval and egress fees.

What does it mean for you?

Simplicity. Scalability. Security.

Take advantage of the simplicity and scalability of cloud storage, and rest assured knowing that your data will always be safe, always be on.

Improve your I.T. team's agility. Let them focus on your developing your competitive edge, not managing storage systems.
Never worry about storage limits again. Scale to petabytes without any maintenance or changes to your application.
Avoid costly business interruptions. Your data will be highly available and redundant across data centers and geographies.


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